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  1. It Was Shiraz 2008.05.03

It Was Shiraz

from 2008년 2008. 5. 3. 02:57

[Nouveau Son 앨범구성]

1. Times Forgotten - 춘천가는 기차 (Vocal by 남예지)
2. Love Has Gone Away - 난 행복해 (Vocal by Oe)
3. There Is nullly You - 오직 너뿐인 나를
4. A Falling Star - 별이 진다네
5. You Have Shown Me Love - 기도 (Vocal by 조성빈)
6. Change In People - 사람들은 모두 변하나봐
7. Beautiful Farewell - 아름다운 이별
8. It Was Shiraz - 이별의 그늘 (Vocal by 신예원)
9. I Believe - I Believe
10. All For You - 다줄꺼야
11. On A Sunny Day - 매일그대와 (Vocal by 노경보)
12. Those Are Memories - 거리에서 (Vocal by 강민욱)
13. Love Hurts More Than Wounds - 사랑보다 깊은 상처
14. Promises of Love - 사랑의 서약
15. Outro - F Train (Queens Express)

First may I met him In the town of shiraz
Violins played away Dancing through the night

In my ears he whispered Poems of colored passion
All the rubies in the world I would trade them for his poems

How I was mesmerized by his charm
Oceans so blue like his gentle eyes

I was in cloud nine and in heaven
But I would leave him standing by himself

Midnight bells of shiraz chimed as I held his
in his eyes he knew that I would leave

For the last time we kissed knowing that I would
 like a king he graciously let go

It was shiraz

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